What’s with all the Nipples?

http://remyflagg.com/whats-with-all-the-nipples-female-sexualization-in-comics/ What’s with all the Nipples? Female Sexualization in Comics Jan 31 2017 Comic Geekery, comic related, Guest Writer When I was, oh maybe three or four, I was introduced to my first super heroine. (I was still enamored of Super Grover, don’t get me wrong.) She-Ra was a bad ass that matched the things … Continue reading What’s with all the Nipples?

The Continued Repercussions of Childhood Cancer and Chemo

Today, I am attending a meeting to talk about assessing Spencer for either an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or a 504 plan, similar but for Medical situations. My Seven year old is struggling with socialization, stubbornness, organization, concentration. His teacher thinks ADD might be in play, but the problem I have is that I may … Continue reading The Continued Repercussions of Childhood Cancer and Chemo

It’s a distraction, Kind of

I am participating in Nanowrimo this year. I've fallen behind, both in the proposed wordcount and my personal goals for various reasons: doctor appointments, illness that I have, illnesses my kids have, Kids being home from school and commandeering my computer among them. But today is catch up day. I'll be escaping into my epic … Continue reading It’s a distraction, Kind of

Ignorance is bliss…just kidding you suck

People are scared for their basic human rights. They are afraid because the President Elect has expressed racist, bigoted,  and misogynistic views. He has said vile things about many, many demographics. And he was elected. He has emboldened racists to come out and spray paint swastikas on churches, Heil Trump has been painted on walls, but … Continue reading Ignorance is bliss…just kidding you suck