Writing Life

I am sitting in my kitchen as my son watches Fish Hooks on Disney Channel and contributes to the chaos that is my house. I have three children that live here with me, but one is with his mother for a while longer and the littlest is up in his bed fighting to avoid sleep. This is how many of my nights are spent-trying to get some writing time in until the inevitable battle begins at bedtime. Three boys and two separate bedtimes makes for a very long night.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a single parent, by any means. I just play one while my husband is deployed. This is our first deployment. It is more complicated than I could have imagined, but not at all the way I pictured it. I imagined daily, endless depression. That is not the case. I have my days where I just want to cover myself in my bed and close out the world, but the average day is…well…average.

I have decided to focus on my writing as a profession, and I am glad I am. I have found an ideal position as a staff blogger with www.gamergyrl.com and I have a blast writing my articles! I have put in a few more applications and am crossing my fingers, but I am actually a PAID writer!!! I was not sure that I would ever be able to say that. Having my husband on a deployment has afforded me the ability to be a stay at home Mom, and I am blessed that I can do this.

My nights involve bedtime at the same time as the kiddos because I have a 5-year-old who refuses to sleep in his own bed. Apparently I am not as scary to monsters as Daddy is, so the monsters can come get him in his bed. But not when Daddy is home. So I go up and lay down and write my articles on a legal pad while my son tosses and turns and tries to avoid sleeping. I do dream of putting him to bed in his own place and being able to actually sleep alone (strange thing to wish when you are missing your husband, I know…but trust me, my son takes up WAY more room on the bed than my husband does) but for now, I am working around the inconvenience. I have schemes that I will be putting into place soon to fix the problems. Then I will be free to be alone with my thoughts and my computer.

Shortly, I will be heading up to bed, but before that I get to do laundry. GOODIE! 😛 My plan for tomorrow involves cleaning, cleaning, more cleaning and writing. Then, if all goes well, a couple of friends are coming over in the evening to play Dungeons and Dragons. I am a geek, but this is exciting to me.

Off to fight the laundry monster…ugh. Wish me luck!

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