Ok…so I get a new fan for my computer processor (which I now know NEEDS a fan and is called a CPU) I get the fan at Best Buy so I don’t blow my computer’s brains out because lately the fan is making a bunch of racket and according to a friend of mine, that is a bad thing. Any way, I get it home and the goopey stuff that you need to put on the CPU and I clean it, goop it, and install it. Lo and behold, it works! And now the butt of my computer glows blue, because the only fan that had the right connection to my motherboard has a blue LED. BUT I tried to change my RAM out and I couldn’t because the RAM I was going to use doesn’t fit my computer 😦 Poor dear only has one gig of RAM. So, I need more RAM. (like my geek speak? Until this past weekend, I had no idea what all this stuff was…honestly. That is why I look like a little kid who learned a new word.)

Anyway, short story long, I fixed my fan but my computer still has a migraine. But I didn’t superglue anything, and if you ask my husband, that is leaps and bounds better than the last time he left the house for any period of time for the Navy. Summer of ’09 he came back to a shower whose handle had been superglued on…crooked…without the back thingy on it and a wife who was saying “But Baby! I thought I was helping!”  (hanging head in shame) Live and learn, eh?

Busy day! Morning bus, preschool drop off,  appointment, Best Buy, back to preschool for pick up, up to Oakland (an hour away), served with court papers to re negotiate child support (goodie…I get to go to court!),  to Memere’s for dinner, baby to bed, computer fixed (if you don’t count my browser crashing twenty times broken) and typing my gamergyrl blog amidst said crashes. OY! 

After looking at my list of stuff I did today, I am going to watch TV… After I get the baby back to sleep…crap!

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