Sigh of Relief

I had to drop my five-year old off with his father today, and on my way back I saw a crazy accident. I was with a friend and our kiddos who are both under two years old. Driving on the interstate, there was a giant pothole (HUGE and the damn thing needs to be fixed…and here’s why) and a van in front of us hit the pothole, lost control, flipped, and ended up facing the opposite direction, in a snow bank on the side of I-95. I pulled over, called 911 and my friend got out of the van and went to check on the driver. He got out of his van without a scratch on him. That is amazing.

Then, as she was talking to the driver, two cars got into a fender bender behind me and four cars got flat tires from the debris of the windows of the van. There was a line of four cars on the side of the road, changing their tires.  One of the drivers from the fender bender went into an ambulance to get checked out, and I hope she is ok, but if you looked at that accident…or accidents, I guess, you would be amazed at how lucky we all were. I was the van behind that van that flipped. That could have gone wrong in so many ways. Our van was fine, we were fine and I think everyone else is ok too. I don’t know who is watching out for me, but boy am I glad they are!

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