I am super excited!

I am writing on a computer that IS NOT going to crash every five seconds!

Spencer is asleep, Big Geek Weekend (all weekend gaming session) is over and my friends have left, and Kayden is watching Shake It Up for a few minutes until I am done writing this. Life is feeling a little more in control at the moment. I am blessed to have such great friends who listen to me vent, (Marc and Jaymi…thank you so much!) children who love me unconditionally, and a husband I couldn’t be more proud of. Life is good.

And in reference to my earlier post about Random Acts of Kindness, I had a couple of dollars free this weekend and I paid a toll. The people in the car that I paid for honked and waved at me as they passed me. I have never had that experience in all the time I have done this. That was really nice. A fantastic moment in a day that was going very badly.

This was a terribly long, draining weekend in some ways. I am ok, but I am dealing with issues that I wish I wasn’t and new problems arose on Saturday. Pieces of a terrible picture came together for me in startling clarity on Saturday and I have new dilemmas and questions that I need to answer for myself. I know that I am being terribly vague, but in the interest of my personal life I feel the need to talk a LITTLE about it, but not elaborate. I will talk to my friends, as always.

I have rekindled my spiritual spark this weekend, however, and that has been a tremendous help. The spark hadn’t gone out, I had simply banked it. As is common for me in the springtime, I have a tremendous urge to cleanse and renew and I am in the process of doing just that. Slowly, but surely. Step 1: rent a stupid dumpster…step 2: heave-ho! Out with the old!  I am looking forward to it.

Ok. It is 9:30 at night. Kayden is WAY past his bedtime. Time to take care of that. I am sure I will write again tomorrow.

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