Time to Settle in for the Night

Juggling three kiddos at bedtime is ridiculous! One has school in the morning, one goes to bed at least an hour before the other two, and one likes to sleep with me. So I am trying to transition the five-year old out of my bed and into his own. Pain in the butt. Because of the crying and noise when I say he has to sleep in his own bed, the seven-year old can’t sleep, so it is much easier for me to tell him that he can sleep in my bed. Grrr. I am transitioning him by putting a bed next to mine so he at least starts to get used to not cuddling with me and then I will go from there. Step by step process.

On the upside, I am having a dumpster delivered to the house tomorrow so I can get rid of the clutter. I am very excited about this. I can feel the anxiety I have had about the chaos in my house, slowly moving away. I am wicked, wicked pumped. Out with the old….well, a lot of it, anyway. And in with the new-but not much new. New paint, new curtains, new outlook on a cleaner, easier to maintain home. That is the plan, anyway.

Ok. Kids are settled for bed. I am heading out for a cigarette and then chilling with my television. And Jaymi. And Kayden. And Riley. Crap. Sounds like a slumber party.

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