Spring Cleaning has hit the Hawks House. HARD

I was up until midnight last night doing something I normally avoid…cleaning my basement. And I had to MAKE myself stop because I had to get up this morning and get the seven-year old on the bus. Otherwise, I am sure I would have been at it all night long. But, holy crap seven-thirty comes early. Anyway, I got a TON of stuff done and plan to do even more today.  That dumpster is getting filled…it isn’t full, but it is coming along nicely. I have to say that renting this dumpster was one of the best things I have done. If I ever do it again, and I hope to gods I won’t have to, I will definitely get a smaller one. This thing is freaking huge!

In the course of cleaning and sorting through bins that have been in the basement since I moved in with my husband in 2007, I have re located my son’s first haircut clippings, found some letters from a very dear friend from the course of our ten-year friendship, and found a mouse that mistook a cardboard box in my basement for the Hotel California…it checked out, but never left…ick. I would have a fantastic collection of single shoes, were I keeping this stuff. I have no idea how I have lost half of so many pairs of shoes! And some of them were super cute!

But as I am mourning my losses, I am finding things I had forgotten I owned and that is fantastic! Partly because I am getting rid of stuff that is cluttering up my life, and partly because I am realizing that I will actually have room for the stuff I am finding and keeping, and that the stuff I am keeping is stuff I love.  Just re reading that is odd because I have read those words many, many times in books about getting rid of clutter, but I can actually apply them to my own life. I am astounded! Though I am not crazy about cleaning the rest of the house, I am actually looking forward to spelunking my way through the basement…weird.

Since I crashed out last night after my cleaning spree, I figured I would post this morning, and hopefully again tonight.

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