Fighting Dragons…again.

Big Geek night just wrapped up again for the week. My friends, my brother and I all get together to spend time playing Dungeons and Dragons, version 3.5. We have a good time and we get together each week for it. I love the escape that it gives me from my otherwise hectic life. If, of course, you don’t count the diaper changes and feedings of the baby during game. Spencer likes to sit next to me and play with all the multi-sided dice that we use in the game, and he is learning to roll them with the best. Kayden has a character sheet when is here and he sits next to me too. He told our DM once that since the DM had read his character sheet wrong, Kayden was in charge from now on. He really gets into playing and has been sure to tell us when we got to stock up on adventure gear that he is buying a pack of gum at the store. And he reminds us that his character, Geezer Hulksmash (of course his beloved stuffed puppy Gee is going to make an appearance in the game) has a bow and arrow so he can help us fight the bad guys. “I am on Mom’s team. Tell me when to roll.”

Tonight was quiet, though. Tonight Spencer went to sleep right before we started gaming and Kayden is at my grandmother’s house for the night, so we were free and clear. I have a ton of work to do tomorrow, so I think I am going to go grab the DSI and settle in to play Tetris for a bit before I crash for the night.

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