It Is THAT time of Night Again…

Peace is slowly making its way in to the Hawks household. The boys (mine) are in bed for the night. My sis is doing homework and Jaymi and Riley are cuddling on the couch. My stomach is FINALLY settling after all day of doing flip-flops and I am somewhere between winding down and excited at the quiet. I am really looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 tonight (LOVE  Alex O’Loughlin)  and I have a ton of projects to do tomorrow. I am really hoping this snow stuff is just a phase…a last ditch effort for Mother Nature to remind us that she still reigns supreme.

Ok, I have to ask…is the Chairman from Iron Chef America the same guy that is guest starring on Hawaii 5-0 tonight? I have wondered all week…

Alright, the TV is on and I have neglected it today. Lol. I think I am going to sink into my couch and just enjoy the life of a vegetable. MMMM…sounds good.

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