Running out of Dumpster Time…

Kayden is watching the Imagination Movers (love those guys) and Spencer and my sister are napping. Jaymi and Riley are heading over in a bit and Austin will be home in a while. After yesterday, I am pretty happy just lounging. Yesterday, I drove my brother to meet my parents from Livermore Falls to Augusta, a 45 minute drive when you get stuck behind lazy Sunday drivers who are going ten miles under the speed limit the whole way…grrrr. Then, I had to drive to Gorham to pick up my sister. That is an hour and a half  or so away from Augusta. Then I brought her to play rehearsal, hung out in a parking lot for an hour to wait for her rehearsal to finish, dropped her director at her house, went to grab food with her and Spencer, picked up the two kiddos she babysits (and temporarily traded the new table I bought for the kids so we could all pile into the van) went to my grandmother’s house to pick up Kayden and hang out for a bit and then went home. We were on the road, Spencer and I, for about 7 hours yesterday. I was DONE when I got home.

On the upside, Spencer and I got out of the van and explored a bit. It was really funny to watch him walking around on the uneven ground. Since he started walking, he has mostly been inside. The terrain being uneven rocked his world. He was crunching on leaves just to hear the noise, running through puddles to splash them and trudging over rocks to hear them grate together. I kept trying to point out the tree trunks and have him touch them to see what they felt like, but he was totally uninterested.  He was really mad to go back into the van…until I mentioned that we were heading to get dinner. That temporarily calmed him down. Temporarily.

It is snowing again. We are heading toward the “out like a lamb” part of March. Theoretically, anyway. I am super happy though. Spring has been singing to me for a month, telling me she is coming. I have been seeing cardinals and blue jays for a week or two. Today I saw a pair of crows…or ravens…not sure which. They were gathering nesting supplies. And the other day, as we were loading the gargantuan dumpster, Jaymi and I  were standing on the side and we caught a whiff of sweet spring air. Fresh dirt and plants. Although I have to say that it must have looked funny to see two women leaning over the edge of a dumpster, sniffing. Trust that we were not sniffing the trash. Lol.

I am running out of time with my dumpster, and I still have a lot to do before it leaves. I have great friends who are going to help me and I am sure that I can get it all taken care of before my rental is up.  Once the house is cleaned out, I can reorganize. Then I can decorate. Giddy Up! I am really excited to get this all accomplished!  On that note, I should probably stop “puttying around”  as my Memere says. I need to get my butt in gear. Ick.

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