I Hate Dishes!

I am sitting at my computer, listening to Men in Black as I type. I am having flashbacks to high school dances, but it is kind of fun. I made a fantastic dinner tonight. We ate pork chops, gravy, stuffing and green beans. It was delicious. And then I had to wash the stupid dishes. I really wish that there was such a thing as disposable sauce pans. I know, I know…environmental concerns. And I do want to help the planet. But I like to complain about doing dishes, too. A girl can dream, can’t she?

My kitchen is looking like a kitchen again, and half my basement has been cleaned. Tomorrow I hope to get to hack up my husband’s crappy broken desk with a hatchet or a saws all. Then that monstrosity is going in to the dumpster. That is going to be a victory that I will relish. And in case you are wondering, my husband knows and is the one who advised that I use the saws all.

I am wearing my reading glasses. I have been working on the computer more often with this whole writing for a profession thing I am doing. But the problem with that is that I have had migraines every day. Luckily (?) I found my glasses. I need to get my eyes tested again and get new glasses. There are two reasons that I need to do that. First and foremost, my Memere has the same glasses, in a different color. Or she used to and I think she still does. Second, the last eye doctor told me something the first didn’t so based on that, these glasses will be ok, but custom ones for the issue he explained to me would be better.

Still a ton of cleaning to do before I don’t have the dumpster anymore but I have filled about a third of the thirty yard dumpster that is in my driveway. So I should go chill out.

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