April’s Fooled!

Heading in to a new month and wicked tired, I am laying in my bed with a heating pad on my back and the tv on. I have a laptop in my lap and life is looking up. I have a lot to do when I get up, because I was sick today and too out of sorts to do much of anything, but my to do list will wait until tomorrow. I hope to get things accomplished from my list, but also take some me time in the middle of the huge storm that we are supposed to get. Ashley found my missing novel, so I need to re read it and begin writing again. I am beyond excited about it. Not such an easy task with a toddler running around, but he takes naps during the day.

That little bugger turned off my computer somehow. The tower was running, the screen was working, but the two were not communicating. I am not sure exactly how, but now it is working. Love the technology, hate that the kids can do things with it that I can’t figure out. One of the toddlers in my house about a month ago turned on a voice announcement feature for my cell phone. This means that when I get a call or text my phone announces it and who is calling. I came up with a long list of things I could put in place for someone I was upset with. I changed the name, sent a text and got no response. I changed the name back, disappointed.

I am bringing in the first day of the month, hopefully with smiles and energy. With happiness and exuberance. With lots and lots of coffee. Here’s to April!

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