Getting into the Spirit of April Fools Day

My five-year old is at my grandmother’s house. He called me this morning. He told me that I needed to go out and check my porch. He told me that UPS was dropping a huge package off for me. I forgot that it was April Fools Day and I thought that he had found out something that I hadn’t. Then he sprung it on me. “APRIL FOOLS!!” and he erupted into a fit of giggles. Then he said to me, “Mom, can I talk to Spencer?”

“Honey, Spencer is sleeping and he is only one. He won’t understand.”

“When he wakes up, will you tell him that he has an itty bitty package on the porch from UPS? And make sure to say April Fools!” Another gigglefest and he is done talking to me.

A few minutes ago, I called him and told him that when I was changing Spencer’s diaper and that Spencer is growing a little piggy tail. He laughed and told my grandmother. I love April Fool’s Day!

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