I am relaxing on the couch so that I can try to get rid of this damn cough. My abs hurt so badly from coughing all day long for two days. I very rarely watch Shark Tank, but tonight I am. I do think that it is a really entertaining show, and I can’t remember why I don’t watch it. I like to watch the business people assessing the potential of the opportunities presented to them. I think that some part of me thinks that I will be able to learn business sense by absorbing it through the TV.

WOO!!! Christopher Lloyd is on Fringe tonight! I haven’t seen him on anything in a long, long time. I am super glad he is still alive 🙂 I know, that was a bit off topic, but it caught my attention.

Yesterday, I heard back from Groupon. They rejected my application to be a freelance writer with them. I am kind of upset, because that would have been a really sweet job. But I think that I am going to print out the rejection email and frame it. Not for some sick sense of self-deprecation. I want it as a symbol that I am really trying to reach out for jobs and to continue as a professional writer. There is something about receiving a semi personal response to a real application with a rĂ©sumĂ© and cover letter. It doesn’t mean stop trying. It means keep it up. Stephen King kept his rejection letters on his wall on a spike. Why not?

I have so much congestion in my chest! I just lost my voice from coughing. Fantastic. Not that that ever stops me from talking. My throat hurts, my chest hurts, my shoulders hurt and my headache just came back. Cough and cough and cough but nothing is changing. I can’t clear my chest out. Worst of all, my concentration is shot from coughing. I am having a hard time keeping track of my thoughts, and that never feels good.

OOOOHHHH!!! I finally uploaded the pictures from my camera!
Thank you Almighty Waste!

This cough is getting the best of me tonight, so I am going to retire to my room and put a heating pad on my chest.

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