Breathing Again

The coughing has subsided. It is not completely gone, but it is MUCH better, thank gods. If only coughing would tone the abs. I would have a super flat tummy by now. Instead, I have a sore tummy but no visible improvement. It could be a new workout video. Hack your way to tighter abs. I’d call it Abs of Phlegm. Okay…maybe I should rethink the title. I need to figure out how to make it work first, though. Then I can work on marketing it.

I am laying in bed, watching Venture Brothers. I love the random absurdity of this show. There are so many shows like that on Adult Swim. Robot Chicken and Family Guy are fantastic! And Patrick Warburton is on a lot of them, too. I loved him as Kronk on The Emperor’s New Groove. I know, I know, I am ranting again.

I had a very lazy day, and I really appreciate it. I needed it desperately. Spencer and I hung out all day and lounged around. It was beautiful. I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow, but the nice thing is that after resting today, I think I will have the energy and ambition to actually do it.

Okay, I am going to watch Venture Brothers and look at my novel. I need to reread it and take up writing it again.

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