I was productive today. More so than I have been for the last three days put together. I did some traveling, talked with friends, and enjoyed the beauty of the day I was out in. When I got home, I began to pick up the residue of a three-day vegetation stint. I put a bathroom storage shelf together finally, although the tank of my toilet is about half or a quarter-inch too tall for the stupid thing. I need to figure out what to do about the fact that I have  a shelf kind of hanging off my toilet at the moment. I need to do it soon. Like, before it breaks. That would be a waste of an hour.

Kayden actually asked to take a bath tonight. He really only wanted to play with the new bathtub crayons that I bought. I will buy a pack of those a week if I don’t have to fight with him to get into the tub. Game over when I had to wash his hair, though. My cheerful, happy boy dissipated behind a wailing banshee. I swear that the neighbors are going to start thinking that I am practicing torture techniques on that boy. All I am really doing is the lather, rinse, repeat bit on him…minus the repeat. No one wants to go through that twice.

Okay, here is a question…is it worse for me not to wear my glasses, or to wear them with a shit ton of scratches on them? I am not sure which…I have a mega headache, but I think it is from the scratches. Or from coughing. Not sure. ARGH. This cold needs to leave. Now. I am on the upswing, I know it. However, it is slow going. I am off to sleep for the night to add to the recovery effort.

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