Pippy Braids

I am in my bed with my laptop (no love life with hubby in Afghanistan. lol) and I have Pippy Longstocking braids in my hair. Not sticking out or anything, but two red braids. I finally figured out how to keep my hair out of my face and out of a ponytail.

The new episode of the American version of Being Human is about to come on, which I am looking forward to. I love Sy Fy. But Being Human is based on a British show, and I really liked the way the original series was going, so I am not sure whether I like the divergence from the storyline or not.

So, yeah. Lewiston tried to eat me today. I have a new theory that Lewiston has little wormholes in it that suck me up and just drop me out someplace else. It has nothing at all to do with me taking any wrong turns. It was all Lewiston. I am not sure at all why I get so lost there, but for some reason, I do…every time… unless I stay exactly on the one route that I follow and drive right through Lewiston.

My migraine is gone, which is amazing because it was shaping up to be the biggest one in weeks. And I think that the Mucinex FINALLY kicked in! I am wicked excited about both of these, because I am not coughing and I have no headache. Life is good. 🙂

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