What’s My Motivation?

As I look at my day today, I am tired but satisfied with my accomplishments. I swept and mopped my kitchen floor, got my dishes done, got some down time and got things all ready for the morning. I also made an appointment with an eye doctor. I am a bit nervous about that, because I suspect I will need glasses, at least for reading and writing. This career as a freelance writer isn’t going to go anywhere if it keeps getting interrupted by migraines, now is it?

Tomorrow is more of the same. More dishes, more sweeping, more mopping. But it is nice to be able to do all those things. I am feeling much better than I have for the last week or so, and just having more energy is making all the difference on my outlook. I set up my coffeepot for before I get up so that the coffee will be all brewed in the morning. I had some fantastic conversations with some very old, very dear friends.

Of course with the ups are downs as well. Not even five minutes after I wrote out our family calendar for the month on our dry erase board, choosing different colors for each member of the family, adding in appointments and all that fun stuff, Kayden comes by while I am on the phone and erases the whole thing. That child has not even looked twice at the dry erase board for at least a month. I know he didn’t see me update it. I made sure of that…Grumble, Grumble. So that gets added back to my to do list, written directly under “calender”. C’est la vie.

Tomorrow is rapidly approaching as I write this, so I had better settle in and try to make my self sleepy by zoning out on the TV in the dark. That is a pretty good tranquilizer for me.

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