Pink Frames

I am staring at my computer through brand new reading glasses. I have real prescription glasses coming soon, but in the mean time these seem to be holding off the migraines, which is amazing. It is the first time in days that I have not had a migraine, including earlier today. I am not looking through scratched lenses (which, by the way, is as bad for me as not wearing glasses at all) and I am feeling overall contentment from the knowledge that I will be getting glasses that are exactly the way my eyes need them to be. It is something odd to me to be so excited about glasses. But at the same time, I am a writer and I spend a lot of time staring at pages and screens. I have been feeling the effects of not having good glasses. Now I am ready to feel the effects of having good glasses.

I watched Big Bang Theory and followed the tweets that were live through the episode. That was kind of interesting. I am now following “Howard“, “Raj”, and “Penny” on Twitter.

The woman from V is on the Mentalist? I like her hair. I wish that was a style I could pull off.

Ok. I am off to sleep and dream. Last night I had a super realistic dream that my husband was home. There was nothing super exciting about the dream. I just remember telling him that I love to cuddle with him. We were in my room, exactly as it is now. All the details are the same as the dream. The only difference is that he was here. I woke up looking for him. In a couple of months, I hope to be saying that it isn’t a dream.

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