Giggles and Shepard’s Pie

I had a busy day, and it pretty much started with a red face. I drove my son an hour and picked up his father and the three of us went to his first Karate class at the Alfond Youth Center. When we got there, my friend Craig was nowhere to be found. It turns out he had a tournament this week, and Sensei Bob was in charge. Having worked at the youth center, I knew Bob but Kayden had never met him before. Two minutes into the class, Kayden looks at me as seriously as he can and says “Mom, I don’t think this is a good idea for me.” And there is my red face. He stuck it out though for the whole half hour, though. He wants to continue taking Karate forever. So his father and I were talking about getting him the Karate uniform. He heard me tell his Dad that I was going to ask how much his Gi was going to cost. Kayden walked up to me and asked the sweet woman behind the counter “How much is it for my dog to take Karate?” (his stuffed dog was named gi four and a half years ago when he was brand new and that was the first sound Kayden made consistently) He was so cute today.

After we left there we went to Home Depot and I bought a dishwasher. Giddy-up.

I drove another hour and went to my grandmother’s house. Spencer was there so he wouldn’t have to be in the car for two hours. He had such a good time. He was so sleepy when I got there but he just ran and ran and ran and giggled. He was so happy today! He said Pepere. Several times. And he wrestled with my brother. We ate Shepard’s Pie at Memere’s house and goofed off with my sister, her boyfriend, my brother and my grandparents. It was a hectic but nice day.

By the time I got him home he was done for the day. He went right to sleep.

I wrote my blog for Gamer Gyrl and now, I am going to settle in for the night. Family guy is on and I am pooped. I need to go get Kayden in Waterville tomorrow. After I clean my house extensively.

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