Into the New Week I Descend

I spent 5 hours in a McDonald’s Play Place today. Yes. 5 Hours. I was there with a friend of mine and her baby and my baby and my five year old and his father. Then my friend’s husband and my Dad showed up and said friend, baby and husband left. Then, Kayden wanted to wait for my sister to get out of work so he could play with her in the play place for a bit. So we did. Then we found out that she was working half an hour longer than we thought. After she got out of work, she played with Kayden and Spencer for quite a while. At five forty, we left. We dropped my sister off and then dropped Kayden’s father off and headed home. I had two tired boys on my hands. Spencer fell asleep around Augusta, but Kayden got himself so worked up over a toy that he screamed the whole way home. Literally.

All in all it was a long day. I got nothing at all accomplished in my house, but there is always tomorrow, right?

Yesterday, on the way to Memere and Pepere’s house, Kayden informed me that when I was 5, he was in my belly. He told me with total seriousness that when he was in my belly when I was 5, he was only a head. He told me that his neck came next and then his belly. I was laughing so hard that I am not sure whether he stopped after that or not.

Well, it is 10:30 and I have some writing in my novel to get to before I hit the hay, so I will catch up with you again tomorrow. And thank you to my 2 subscribers…it means a lot to me 🙂

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