Late Night With the Babies

Spencer decided not to go to sleep when I put him to bed, so when Austin went to bed and that blonde, curly-haired head popped up and giggled at me, I decided to bring him downstairs again so he wouldn’t cry and keep Austin up. He and Riley spent a great couple hours playing hard and laughing harder. They were so silly and the laughter was contagious. Jaymi and I couldn’t stop ourselves from joining in the fun. Squealing babies are funny. And Spencer said Ball and Chicken. Riley made cat and dog noises. It was a blast.

Masaharu Morimoto is on Hawaii Five-0! That is awesome! And he was singing karaoke! I love this show! For those of you out there with actual lives, Masaharu Morimoto is a chef on Iron Chef America and he was also on the original Iron Chef.

I have been actively writing my novel, which is fantastic. I wrote a page today which may not sound like much but it is handwritten and it makes a total of 34 and a half handwritten pages. A decent start for a novel. Each page I write is one closer to finishing it. I have also been brainstorming other ideas as well. I am probably not going to get anything done in time for the Writer’s Digest Competition, but I am not ruling it out either.

I can’t help wondering what the real process that my favorite writers use when they write. Do they write by hand? Do they reread anything as they are writing? Do they edit as they go? I know better than to ask a writer where they get their ideas…or basic questions. I am more interested in the heart of the process, the guts of the writing as a job. As a lifestyle. As an existence. How is the way they work different or the same as the way I work?

Top 5 Books at the Moment (in no particular order, just the top 5)

1. The Lace Reader-Brunonia Barry (The first book I have ever reread immediately when I finished the book.)

2. A Map of True Places-  Brunonia Barry (A magnificent read)

3. The StandStephen King (The first Stephen King book I ever read)

4. Bird by Bird– Anne Lammott (Amazing book about writing)

5. How I Got Published– Hants A. White. (My great grandfather’s book about self publishing in the earlier and middle part of the twentieth century and it is STILL available for sale, on Amazon no less.)

Okay, I need to get off the computer and write some more and watch Family Guy. “Did I mention the tank is a tank?” I LOVE this show!

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