I am feeling extremely satisfied with today. It was beautiful out and I got a lot accomplished. I don’t remember whether I mentioned, but I had a wire shelf fall on my head the other day. It was designed to store scrapbooking stuff but apparently not the way I built it. I tried to remove a scrapbook from the shelf and the six-foot structure toppled. I wasn’t hurt or anything, it just sucked.

Anyway, today, I found homes for most of the stuff that had been on the shelf and reconstructed it in a way that is safe and won’t attack me again.

Austin also had Baseball evaluation today. It was quick, but it was cool to see. He threw the ball well after he was told to throw it overhand not like a bowling ball and he also hit the first two pitches that were thrown at him. I was so proud. He seemed to have a good time too.

While I was gone, Jaymi made chocolate pudding and I put it in a pie crust when I got home. Then we took the kiddos for a walk. I expected Spencer to stay in the wagon we put him in, but he kept trying to jump out of the wagon head first so I took him out and quickly learned that he didn’t want to be carried either. So he walked, holding my hand. It was awesome. We walked around the block with the four boys and had a nice time. Spencer could have walked around the block again, even though it was uphill for the first bit of it. I was so proud of him!

It was a rewarding day, overall. I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Now I am off to write my novel.

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