Life With Kids

I had thought about having kids for a long time before I actually had any. However, when I imagined being a mother, I never thought that I would say some of the things I have said over the last five years. For posterity, and because I get a kick out of them and thought you might too, I decided to record a few that I can think of right off the top of my head.

-“Kayden, no eating gold fish out of Daddy’s shoes!” (yuck!)

-“Spencer, Mommy’s underwear is not a necklace” (it was clean, I promise)

– “What goes in the trashcan stays in the trash can.” ( I am now calling my trashcan ‘Vegas’)

– “You want me to put the song where the guy made it through the rain again?” ( Yes, my 4 and 7-year-old were requesting Barry Manilow ‘I Made it Through the Rain‘…LOVE IT!)

-“Austin, please stop filling your pockets with rocks from the playground…please?”

Switching tracks on my train of thought…Is anyone else bothered when watching Criminal Minds and right after that Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior and seeing that the one character that links the two shows, Penelope Garcia, has blonde hair in the original (now, anyway) and fire engine red hair in the spinoff? I could understand it if they were on different nights, maybe. Back to back like this though and I really like to think that the plot lines run concurrently.

I found out today that Kayden is on a mission to educate his preschool class mates about the wonders of Godzilla. Fantastic. I blame myself for telling the boys about Godzilla when I am talking about Spencer. I do stick to my theory that Godzilla was a toddler, though. Watch the way your toddler walks around and then put some toy cars on the floor. Ten to one your little one will pick them up and stick them in his or her mouth. It completes the image. But I digress…Kayden and a little girl he has play-dates with were playing Pretty, Pretty Princess…and Godzilla.

Okay. I apologize for shortening the length of my blog posts recently, but I am sleepy and have been working on my novel little by little, as well. So that is what I am off to do once again.

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