Back at the Keyboard

My nails are painted pewter and I am watching Raising Hope. I LOVE this show!

I am adrift somewhere between exhausted and wide awake, but not really sure how that works. Kayden is conked out on his own bed next to mine and Spencer is long, long asleep. Maxx is downstairs playing Fable 3 again, I think. He is going to play it as an evil character this go around, I think. He started playing last night and he beat the game today.

Why would someone buy the Harry Potter Series through Deathly Hallows part 1? Why not wait until Part 2 comes out and buy the whole series then? That makes NO sense to me. I wish I was in advertising sometimes. There is a lot of stupidity on the television. A certain cable company was advertising Free Self Installation…Really?  You mean you aren’t going to charge me to install it myself? Thanks!

Ok, that was a bit of a cranky rant. Sorry.

I agreed to sing the National Anthem on Friday morning. Kinda freaking out about it, but happy too. But it is EARLY for me. 😦

I am also helping to organize a fundraiser for a local cancer center. I am really excited because it is going to be an internet auction. I am hoping to attract some attention to it and get some great donations.

Alright, folks. I am off to lay down and watch Adult Swim. Have a good night.

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