Busted Birthday

I am looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday. Today, even though I share a birthday with Tony Danza and the Queen of England, sucked. Except for dinner. I went to Memere’s for dinner. That was nice. 🙂

I started out my day by finding out that the baby was literally covered in poop. To the soles of his feet. What a way to wake up…ok. I did wake up nicely-after I was fully awake. Before that, I must have heard Spencer banging his playpen against the wall, because in the fogginess of not being awake, I thought that my husband was coming up the stairs to surprise me for my birthday. I thought he was home. He wasn’t. Fully awake, I got lots of birthday wishes from friends made me smile first thing this morning. At midnight, I got a text wishing me a happy birthday and that was lovely. Waking up, I was treated to a happy birthday song by another friend.

Then I got out of bed…then the poop. Baby bath and I was off and running. My brother was sick today, too and with Spencer having Diarreah he stayed home with me. So did my sick brother. So much for having a quiet day of cleaning and writing.

Then my husband called me which was fantastic. And we got Skype working so I got to see him. However, I thought that I had a camera in my laptop and what could have been perfect was one sided. I got to see my handsome hubby, but he couldn’t see me or the kids. Enter sobfest. I broke down. I guess that having my husband gone for my birthday hit me harder than I thought it was going to. I felt terrible for crying hysterically. I know that it was hard for him.

Plans changed, plans changed again and plans changed still again. But as it stands now, my brother is at his house, Spencer is sleeping, Kayden is passed out as well and my plans are solidified for tomorrow…as far as the kids are concerned. I have no idea what Jaymi has planned. But I am excited! Birthday palooza!! YAY!!!

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