Goldfish and Family Guy

I am sitting in front of the TV and watching the end of American Dad. Family Guy is coming up next. I love Adult Swim. lol

Jaymi and I got a good amount accomplished today. However, something is wrong with my dishwasher. It isn’t getting water. But with 8 knobs regulating water in my basement, I have no idea which to turn…

I had a fantastic time at my surprise birthday party. There was a fantastic band, called Entropy. They were AWESOME! They played The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and even sang Lady Gaga really well. And the lead singer is a guy. I was really impressed. They sang happy Birthday to me and two other people. That was really cool.

Jaymi made my cake…a mudslide cake with a cream cheese waterfall on it. This cake was glorious. If you want a cake, she is fantastic.  She is a real confectionery artist.

I still want Adam West as the governor of Maine. I wish I could make that happen. But he would need to act just like he does on family Guy.

Ok. I know the quality of my posts recently have not been up to the standards that I set, but I am exhausted tonight and I have been wicked busy. Soon, though, I will have more chances to write on here. April vacation threw me for a loop. 🙂

Have a great night!

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