Hiccups and DVR

I am TRYING to watch TV, but my DVR is all pixely and the signal for CBS seems to be cutting out. Every time I think it is getting better, it starts again. It is really, really irritating.

I am relieved that Kayden is finally asleep. He was WAY over tired and he was whiny as hell. Spencer has been asleep for a while and Jaymi and I got a lot accomplished. I was trying to get more done, but I had Kayden next to me “Mummamummamumma-ing” me. It was a very long evening and I am glad it is over.

I still have tons to do before my husband gets home, but there has been a lot of progress in the last eight months. If all the stuff that has been taken out of my house and put into the dumpster was put back into the house (dear gods, NO) it would fill up my living room. Easily. That was a really weird thought to have. Encouraging, but weird. That is a lot of work that has been done.

Eventually, when I get myself situated, I will be able to write more because I will have more energy. I am pretty much collapsing into bed at night and zoning out on TV. I feel satisfied with what has been done and exhausted at the end of each day.

Speaking of which, King of the Hill is on, so I am going to shut my mind off and watch some Adult Swim.

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