Bouncing Baby Boy

Spencer is my frog baby. He loves to jump and he giggles and he laughs and he thinks that he is the coolest thing since…well, the last shiny thing that he saw. When I was pregnant with him, I used to see frogs everywhere. The mother’s day that I was expecting him, I got the most beautiful froggy wind chimes. He lives up to the animal I have nicknamed him after.

Today was no exception. Spencer jumped and hopped and then he bounced his nose off the floor. Blood, crying, more blood, more crying. Twenty minutes later, nothing wet was leaking from him anymore and I set him on the floor. He immediately jumped face first into the beanbag. Luckily, the nose bleed was not as bad the second time. It was pretty intense the first time.

Tomorrow will be busy…baseball practice, T Ball game and chasing Spencer around. Then, after Mom and Dad take Kayden and Spencer, I am bringing Austin to Portland to meet up with his mom so we can all play laser tag and run in giant hamster balls. 🙂 I have never been to the adventure center, but Austin has and he loves it there so that will be fun.

Ok. My brain is about to shut off, so ttfn…ta ta for now.

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