Birthday, Graduation, Croupe and Clogged Pipes

The last week has been ridiculous. The baby got croup, (an upper airway viral infection that gives kids a cough that sounds like a barking seal) resulting in a four hour emergency room visit on Tuesday. Two nebulizer treatments and a steroid dose later, he was sent home. He got better on Wednesday and then by Thursday was sicker again and we went to the doctors’ office. Repeat for Friday. He is feeling a bit better, but I have it too and am DRAINED of energy.

To add to the fun and games, Thursday I discovered that my toilet (and bathtub AND SINK) were clogged. So I bought a 25′ sink snake. That did not help. So I bought a toilet snake. That did not help. Fantastic, because it was a holiday weekend so my choices were to pay out the ear to have someone come fix it or wait till today. I chose wait. So I am at my house waiting for the guy to come and fix the main line. Yee-fricking-hah. My grandparents have been awesome because I have been at their house for the last two nights with the kids.

Friday, Kayden graduated from pre-school. He was adorable in his little red graduation hat. I had a great time with the friends I have made and I was pretty sad that I don’t see them every other day any more.

Sunday was my grandfather’s 85th birthday. We had a barbeque and it was a blast. I saw my cousins from Connecticut, drank with my family (after the kids were in bed) and met my cousin’s girlfriend. My grandfather LOVES to use the phrase “What do you want, egg in your beer?” and he has no idea where the phrase came from, but it is firmly entrenched in his conversational repertoire. He also loves to play the slots. As a present to him, I asked Jaymi’s Cakes n Flowers (AKA my dear friend Jaymi) to make him some Egg in Your Beer cakes and a slot machine cake. Both were magnificent and were adored by all.

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