Busy, Busy, Tired Mumma…

Today was a very long day. Spencer had an ultrasound on his head. Let’s talk for a second about holding on to thirty pounds of solid muscle as an ultrasound technician squirts goop on his head and puts a wand on the soft spot on the top of his head, trying to see his brain (which, by the way, was REALLY neat to see on the screen. It kind of looked like a Rorschach test, since I had no idea what I was looking at.) Raise your hand if you think he sat still for that. If your hand is up, a) no one can see you with your hand in the air, silly. b) put some money in my checking account…what? I got you to raise your hand, it was worth a try…and c) you are wrong. So wrong. The tech asked before the test if I needed anything and I said “anesthesiologist?” I knew what I was in for. Hopeful, but shot down.

We all got through the ultrasound with help from purple latex gloves. I stuck them on his feet to distract him. Then,  monkey feet and I and went and grabbed lunch at the cafeteria in the hospital. He looked adorable walking down the halls of the hospital in bright purple gloves, empty finger spots flopping on the carpet.  After that, we headed for the next stop…blood work. At Midcoast Hospital there is a pair of water features. They are huge chunks of carved granite with a fountain river running down the center. While we were waiting to be called to the lab, Spencer amused himself by walking up the middle of the stone and water river. I let him play for about twenty minutes until he had soaked the bench and granite surrounding the water and I pulled him away because he was slipping and sliding around. Yeah, so…ummm…water and latex gloves on the feet of a baby that is kicking his legs frantically means water goes all over the place. Those little empty fingers can make water fly in all directions. At this point I decided to take the gloves off his feet. I let him play for a few more minutes, but after he continued to slip all over I pulled him off the river.

I spent the next ten minutes holding a very angry boy and trying to entertain him so he would forget about the water. Pacing is not the best way to do that, by the way, because I would get him quiet and then I would come to the wall in the area we were in and I would turn to walk the other way. I turned and he caught sight of the water feature and the whole situation would start again. Good times.

Thank gods for the two nurses there. One told me to sit in the chair so I could hold Spencer while he was getting his blood drawn. Before I could do that, the other nurse jumped in the chair and told me to hand Spencer to her. After I asked if she was sure and she said she was, I handed him to her. It was nice not to be the one holding him when his blood was drawn.

The long day is over and I am at home, resting, writing and watching Lifetime Movie Network.  Life is quiet.

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