Tired, in Anticipation

I have gotten a lot accomplished in the last few days, and Chris let me sleep in this morning and he got the kids ready for school. I got to bed at a decent time last night and I woke up right before the bus came to collect the boys this morning. I am still waking up but overall am refreshed. But Holy Rusted Metal Batman. I have a lot of stuff to get done today. I have been putting a lot of it off by substituting other chores. Having run out of other things to do in the main floor of the house, I should probably tackle the Dining Room today. I don’t wanna.

The dining room is not just that at our house, due to the lack of space we have. It does triple duty as my craft and theoretical writing room. In the cleaning process that I have undertaken in the last few days, it has become a dumping ground as well. All the miscellaneous stuff that belongs in there has pretty much landed on the table. My task for today, and I have no choice but to accept it, is to clean the table and the rest of the dining room so that we can eat in there once again. Also so that I can sit at my writing desk while Spencer naps and, oh, I don’t know…write. What a novel idea! I know, I know…bad pun.

Chris is sitting on the couch at the moment, playing video games. My brother, who is visiting, is sitting next to him giving advice about the game and asking questions. Spencer the streaker is eating cream of wheat, wishing it was grapes. He has eaten about a cup of grapes already and has asked for more. I  have already started laundry. FINALLY the curtains from the living room are getting washed. They desperately needed it.

I feel as though I am rambling in order to avoid completing the dreaded chores so I suppose I will log out and get to it. Sigh.

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