Burning Desires

I am sitting on my couch, watching Dora with my two-year old. It is a rare moment where he is paying more attention to the show than to trying to close my fingers in my laptop, so I thought it would be a great time to post. I miss writing on here.

I was thinking about my goals and aspirations today, as I have been doing since December. What do I want out of my life? I want too many things to list, but I will post the five that seem most important to me today. I have read in several places that if you write down your goals and you publish them for the world to see, you are more likely to achieve them. Here goes nothing!

1)Write every day- Whether it is on this blog or working on my novels, I need to recommit to my writing. I was writing nearly every day in October and November. I have let the holidays be an excuse not to write. No more. I was reading Secret Windows by Stephen King and he said that he writes 361 days a year. He takes his birthday and a couple holidays off but other than that he is at his desk. That is inspiring me. I also have a friend who has been published in several anthologies.He is a horror writer -a great one.  I have read them all but one (and will be able to borrow it for a day or so until I am done reading the book. However I will be purchasing a copy for myself as well. I WILL own the whole Peter N. Dudar collection. His writing is great and I think more than anything, I am irritated with myself. He has a wife, a child and a full time job and writes and sends stories out for publication. I am home all day (with any number of my three kids) and my husband works nights. WHY AM I NOT WRITING? Time to stop whining and procrastinating and make my dreams reality.

As a side note, Peter’s work can be found on Amazon.

New Traditions in Terror

Epitaphs: The Journal of New England Horror Writers

Terrible Beauty, Fearful Symmetry

Diabolic Tale I: An Anthology of Dark Minds

Bell, Book & Beyond


2) Take better care of myself-I need to do at least one thing each day that is for me and only me. I need time for myself, which is difficult with such a large family…especially since the two year old has recently been staying up until midnight. I have started by drinking a ViSalus shake or two every day. When I am too busy or not in the mood to eat breakfast or lunch, I know that I am getting good nutrition from the shakes. If I wasn’t drinking the shakes, I would most likely not eat those meals any way. My goal is to get out of the muck of depression and into a healthier lifestyle. Eventually.

3) Continue on my path away from being a case study on Hoarding- Continue to work on my house cleaning skills and thus create a more harmonious home for my family. I have come leaps and bounds in the past year, but I want more. Part of that is working with a counselor to deal with the root issues causing the problem. That is underway. Part of it is making a schedule. That still needs to be done. It is a difficult process, physically and emotionally. But it will be worth it.

4) Make time for my Spirit- I need to take time out for myself to connect with the divine. I always communicate through my every day life with Divinity, but I need to set aside holiday time for thanks and devotion. I have been very lax in this, though it is a resolution I make every year. This year will be my year.

5) Financial Security- In an economy like this one, I think that this is a goal for most people. I have the added obstacle of wanting to make this happen without going out of my house for it. As stressed as I get being a stay at home mumma, I love it and don’t want to give it up for anything. But more money is also nice. So, in an effort to be a financial contributor to my household, I am promoting ViSalus. If you have not heard of ViSalus, it is a nutritional shake mix that tastes amazing. When I spoke to my friend, before I signed up to try and work for the product, she asked me how much coffee I drank each day. I answered her without hesitation: “A pot a day.”


“Yes. I have three kids at home. I am tired all the time. I still want naps, even with a pot of coffee a day.”

“Girl! You need to get on this! I’ll tell you, since I’ve been on the shakes, I am sleeping better at night {“lucky, I toss and turn all night” I thought, but I kept quiet} and I have SO much more energy during the day. {“Bull. I have known you for fifteen to twenty years. I have never thought to myself Gee, she needs more energy. You tackle everything you do. Whatever” But again I kept my mouth shut.} By the end of the conversation, fueled by the thought that I was going to {MAYBE} have more energy and get some income as well, I signed up. That was in September. I had my first shake in October and since then, I have felt amazing. I am still drinking coffee, but I mix my ViSalus shake mix right into it. I am drinking less coffee and feeling better. I am eating a bit better and I now get my shake mix for free. I will be a director by the end of the month and making more money. I make money in direct proportion to how much effort I have put into it, and am on an upswing. The person that signed me up has made over six grand since she started in August. I love the product and want everyone I know on it because I love all my friends and family and want them happy and healthy. I am contributing to the household and plan to make that contribution huge!

  My ViSalus Website How can I help you reach your dreams?

Well, I am going to finish this post for now because I have a hungry two-year old to feed. I will talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Burning Desires

  1. Melody Veilleux says:

    WOW – April!! I am impressed. First of all you are an amazing writer and you should stick with it!!! Second of all I am glad you doubted what I told you about the energy and sleeping better because now I get to tell you Told U So!!! Love ya girl and you WILL get into that black jacket !!!! Don’t Give Up!!!


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