Minor Accomplishments Feel Amazing

I did a normal thing today. By most people’s standards, anyway. I went grocery shopping. For me, however, it was a big thing. Let me tell you why.

First of all, I am not a huge fan of leaving my house in freezing weather. Luckily, I didn’t have to bring Spencer out because our friend Jeff watched him. That was a huge help because shopping with him is like shopping with an octopus. Maybe even two octopuses…octopi? It’s like shopping with 16 hands grabbing cans and boxes in the event that I am not able to walk in the middle of the aisle. Which is most of the time.

Second, I have never been good at grocery shopping. No. I am great at grocery shopping. I am not that good at buying anything really great. Case in point: When I met my husband and we moved in together, the first time I went grocery shopping, I spent four to five hundred dollars. At the time, it was me, Chris and two boys in the house. When I got home and Chris looked at me and asked what I had gotten for meals, I think my face and brain went blank. After all the food was put away I think I had three meals out of the food I had brought home. It was nuts. Chris said that I was banned from grocery shopping.

Fast forward five years. I have had to grocery shop while Chris was deployed, but it was still WAY easier to order take out.  Within the past week I have gone grocery shopping twice. Both times I planned meals for each day and bought ONLY the food we needed. I spent 90 dollars the first time and had meals for four days. That is about twenty bucks a day. Today, I got meals for 30 dollars a day and that will feed my whole family. And I got snacks and other household items. That is three meals a day for seven days. This is progress for me. I am ecstatic! Here’s how I did it:

I searched allrecipes.com for dinners that my families would like. I wrote down all the ingredients that I needed to buy for each one. I went to hannaford.com and made a list online. With the list feature, I saw the subtotal that I would pay. I printed off my list and it broke down the items by each section of the store. I kept a tally of how much I spent as I checked off each list item and when I went through the checkout, I had spent less than my original list had predicted. The only feature that the list didn’t have was the price. Next time, I will go back to my list and write down the prices.

The whole process took me three and a half hours start to finish. I spent an hour and a half planning the meals and making my list. Then I spent two hours at the store. It was worth it, though. I know that I have all the food I need for the whole week and I know what we’re eating each meal. That is an amazing feeling for me.

Sometimes it is the little thing in life that make us happy. For me, today, it was grocery shopping. What was yours?

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