Sweet Nothing

Yesterday I did something for myself. I did only one load of dishes. Other than that, I did nothing. That is completely abnormal for me, I am usually doing stuff all day long. Instead, I watched Lifetime Movie Network all day. I had only one child at home, which was also unusual. I noticed something, though, after a full day of lounging. I felt frustrated that I had accomplished nothing. On one hand it was totally amazing to do nothing. On the other hand, when I do nothing, nothing gets accomplished. It is a dilemma. Lol.

I did, however, read Diabolic Tales. Peter Dudar, you are a twisted individual. I am proud to call you my friend. Lol. The rest of the book was good as well. I thought about pulling out my book to work on but yesterday was my nothing day so I didn’t.  Today, however, I have a ton of stuff to do.

Big thanks to my husband, Chris. For the  last three days he has let me sleep in and has taken care of the kiddos in the morning. That was AMAZING.

Little Einsteins is on and has entranced both Spencer and Austin, which is amusing in and of itself. But the house is quiet.

I will post again later, but i must feed the crew.

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