On a Roll

I am getting a lot of typing done in my novel, as well as sending it out to a friend that has promised to be honest. {wince} Brutally honest. Which is good, because that is what I want. I would rather hear it from her than a publisher. So forty-two pages are in transit, on the way to being scrutinized. I am nervously excited. I am also pretty excited to see my writing in neat black and white rows. I hand write my work because I love the feel of a pen gliding over the page. I love the smell of the ink. (I know…I am odd…I used to write all over paper just so I could smell the ink.) It is a tactile thing.

At the same time, however, it is really cool to see the words I have written typed up neatly and against a crisp white page. It is not a feeling that I can express accurately, other than to say it makes my soul feel like it is glowing. Seeing a stack of pages that are filled with words that I have strung together to make a new dimension, a new place, new people…seeing it neat and tidy (that is the OCD in me) and looking similar to how it would look in a book…that is astounding. There is a catharsis in seeing the evolution from hand written pages in black ink on the pale blue lines of a curled paper from a notebook to crisp, black, even type on a fresh piece of bright white paper.

There is a feeling of accomplishment, too, in looking back at the pages that I have filled with blue highlighter indicating that I have typed them. I am methodically working through my pile of notebook paper. Soon, when I am caught up on typing, I will sit down and add more to the book. However, if I don’t type it now, it will come back to haunt me and I will have a whole novel to type at once. This way, at least, I will get to break up the monotony of typing with the bliss of writing.

So off I go to type more into my computer so I can write more soon.

Thank you for reading my ranting. 🙂

10 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. Pete Denton says:

    Ranting is good!

    Whatever works for you is best. From the way you’ve written this post it definitely seems the best way to engage with your writing. I hope you get the feedback you want.


  2. skybluewithdaisies says:

    i love your post. i am not technically a writer, but i love to write, both in type and the old fasion way. But there is nothing like handwriting with a buttery, bold, juicy pen. my husband will not let me buy any more of my favorite brand pens because i have about 800 other pens and another 1000 or more writing utensils. it is lovely that you are handwriting your book on paper. i’m sure the pages are beautiful and your handwriting is probably an art in itself. i love to take photos of print and handwriting. i would love to see photos of yours. Anyway, i talk too much… i can’t wait to read more of your writings!


    • April Hawks says:

      You do not talk too much! Lol. I have hundreds of pens as well. And my husband tells me, as well, that I can’t buy more. I can absolutely take some photos of my writing. I have a couple somewhere on my computer with my pink reading glasses resting on them. I am pretty proud of those pictures. Lol. With the use of words like ‘juicy’ and ‘buttery’ when describing a pen, I think you should consider yourself ‘technically’ a writer. Thank you for reading and responding! I hope you stay in touch!


  3. still4frame says:

    I find writing in ink soothing but I also find it hard to keep up with my thoughts and ideas… Mind you, writing by hand definitely makes you think things out more clearly. I also love that you can easily flip back and forth from older bits of writing to newer stuff without rifling through computer files (and subsequently becoming distracted by facebook…). Congratulations with your (almost finished?) manuscript!


    • April Hawks says:

      I am a very visual, sensory oriented person, so flipping through pages is relaxing for me. And no, my manuscript is not almost finished. It contains 42. I am hoping that is only one tenth of the finished product. Thank you for reading! I look forward to reading more from you!


  4. Intrepid Girl says:

    In college, I was only one of my writing peers who still wrote parts or all of my work with pen and paper. I love to write on paper when I’m stuck somewhere in my work. I come up with totally different things than I would if the internet or pandora running in the background–looming over the time I’ve set aside for my craft. Totally with you on this!


    • April Hawks says:

      I have kept journals for as long as I can remember, and during the first years that I was writing, I didn’t have a computer. When I did get a computer, my mother had a large beast of a system that had a dot matrix printer. We only used that for word processing for school. And a report took FOREVER to print. It was quicker to write by hand. Plus, no one went in my room so my hand written journal was safe and written in on a daily basis.


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