Sleep, You Look So Good to Me

It is 12:39 am and I am still not in my bed, where I should be. However, I am energized and wishing that morning would not come so early. There is so much I want to get done tonight, but I have an early morning tomorrow, I’m sure.

I had an impromptu business meeting at ten this evening and it just ended, but I am on track to make some great progress in my ViSalus business. My ViSalus coworker and I are planning a challenge party for next weekend and I am super excited to promote the challenge and introduce new people to the shake mix that tastes like cake mix.

I have also printed another copy of the work that I have done on my novel for two more sets of eyes, so I am anxiously awaiting feedback from the two partial manuscripts that I have out and about.

I really need to head to bed so I can wake up energized tomorrow.

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