Explaining My Absence

This week has been a super busy one. ViSalus business has been taking off, my kids are CRAZY, and my 85 year old grandfather was admitted into the hospital on Thursday.

I met a personal goal of mine with my ViSalus work, and then helped a friend meet hers. That was terrific and we have a blast partying and planning our challenge parties. We cut it close, meeting our goals at the last minute, but the company was giving us a second chance to accomplish it and it is the only part of the business that has any sort of a time limit.

My kids are always insane, in the typical way that an eight, five and two year old are expected to be. I made the mistake of spending the night before last sleeping on our pull out sofa with TWO two year olds. That was the worst night of sleep I have had in a LONG time.I will not be doing that again any time soon! Lol. Jaymi, Riley is always welcome over. He may just get the beanbag 🙂

My family and I went to the hospital last night to visit Pepere. He was admitted on Thursday and had 40 gallstones removed. Yeah. That was not a typo. 40 gallstones. The doctors were wondering how, exactly, he has managed to walk around for the last six months or so. Most people would have collapsed from the pain. He is a tough old man. Luckily, he has made it through two surgeries within four days like a champ. It took two surgeries just to get all the stones out. He looked really good last night, though, and I am thankful.

There is a lot of great stuff coming up within the next two months and I am looking forward to it! Goals to be met, family time, business booming. One of my goals is to figure out how to get my toddler to sleep before 10:30. I think I am going to use the gift certificate his brother gave me to buy a book that a friend recommended to me. 🙂 As soon as I remember what book that was…

Thank you for tuning in again!

4 thoughts on “Explaining My Absence

    • April Hawks says:

      Yeah, 40! He told them at admission that his pain was about an 8 on a scale of one to ten. And he thought he was having a heart attack! A heart attack that was an 8 on the pain scale. He turns 86 in May. He is a tough old bastard. lol


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