Out of the Norm


I have started the first portion of my journey. I have dropped off Spencer with my grandparents and have been dropped off at the Portland airport. I have passed through security, purchased some headphones so the poor person next to me is not subjected to Barry Manilow and am sitting at my gate unable to remain still. I am excited. This is my first trip to New York City as a final destination. I have passed through the city before, stopping to see the sights and I have been in both the airport and the train stations, but I am anxious to see the city itself. The big trick for me is to not look up at the tall buildings and make myself dizzy. I have done that before and am sure that would mark me as a tourist right off. I plan to take the opportunity to acquaint myself with the staggering height of the buildings on the ride to my hotel.

My friends have been helpful, giving me advice to help me not look lost and vulnerable. For this I am grateful. I will walk with purpose so I look like I KNOW where I am going, even if I don’t. And I probably won’t. Keep my purse slung across my body. Stay in groups. Do not go out alone. (That would be my husband’s advice.) As a note to myself on unrelated matters, I just discovered a wad of gum on my laptop cord. NO MORE GUM FOR SPENCER!

In true form for someone that has only seen car services on television and is relatively unfamiliar with travel in general, I just called the car service that is picking me up and let them know that my flight is delayed. Apparently they knew. Lol. I am sure I sounded like an idiot. Oh well.

I am going to log off for a bit and go get myself a sandwich. I am STARVING!!!!

My sandwich has been eaten, and I am on the plane and in the air. I enjoyed the view of Portland from the sky. It is always cool to me to see the same buildings that I know by sight from ground level reduced to the size of those found on a model train set. In fact that is how it always seems to me, like I am looking down on a model, not on the actual places. I have long held the idea that life is on a conveyer belt around me. Maybe that comes from watching too many movies and cartoons. There is one scene in an old movie or show that has an old model t style car on a treadmill with a screen beside it and someone is rolling the scenery around and around. That is how I used to picture it and I am not sure I ever really let that idea go. In my head, I stay in one place and everything else moves. Lol. I know it doesn’t. But, hey. If you know me, you know the world revolves around me. Good thing I am a writer. My imagination is a fun place.

Barry Manilow continues to croon to me. The flight attendant is bringing drinks around. And WHY is there never any Pepsi on planes?

I have completely dedicated this weekend to writing. I thought about bringing a book, but decided against it in favor of writing. I knew that once I got into a book that would be an easy distraction and I am trying to use the weekend to its fullest. I am not saying that I am not going to do anything BUT write. I need to experience life to write about it. I have to see some of New York to write about it someday, maybe. Right now I am content to write and listen to my music until my laptop dies. Then I will recharge it and do it again.

I am looking forward to seeing my room at the hotel. I have been drooling over the photos. I think I would call them creatively modern. Greyscale details, grey walls, with large floral murals and pops of bright green are what are shown on the website. Kind of old school Hollywood glam meets modern meets retro. Maybe. OR maybe the altitude is getting to me.

There is even a PILLOW MENU. I thought that meant there was like a late night snack menu. Nope. It means there is a selection of six different pillow types to choose from. Travel-ly illiterate. That is what I have decided to call myself. I am branding myself thus. I am not culturally illiterate. Just a very uninformed traveler.

Airports look a lot like airplanes from overhead. Random observation. Also, gum and Coca Cola do not go well together. At all.

We are in a holding pattern over Albany. We could be here for up to a half hour. Luckily, I already know that my car will wait for me.

Short of typing out Lyrics, I am not sure that I really have a whole lot to say…so I won’t!


Last Night I dreamed that I was going on vacation to Mexico or Hawaii. Mexico, I think. For some reason, we were taking off in the plane on a river bank. As we started to drive on the runway, the plane went into the ocean (river must have changed to the ocean) and the plane was under water. It was small, maybe even a private plane, but with it under water I was worried it would implode. It didn’t. I think we landed in a river too because I remember a blue (navy blue) and white patterned electric eel start to come after us. I was scared for a minute. That’s all I remember.

At another point, it must have been after, we were in Florida (which was not out original destination) And we met up with Vivian and Amy. They were just walking around.

(notes: Turbulence. Big. Everyone quiet. When they were done everyone started talking again.


The prettiest shoes have walked by me today. The girls wearing them are acting as though they are sporting sneakers instead of stilettos. Even watching them walk by makes my ankles wobble. I envy their balance and coordination, though not their aches and pains.

I am sitting at the bar of the restaurant. I ate earlier. The tables at this bar light up like the tables in Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.

I tried new foods tonight. I ate Chicken R (outille?), a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and other yummy stuffers. Mashed potatoes with shallots and broccolini? (I think Broccoli Raab)

For desert I had a triple chocolate dish that was super creamy and light.

I just looked at the menu to see what I ate but it appears that our group got a different menu than the regular one.

I ordered a mudslide at the bar but my mouth is still burning from the amount of alcohol. It was STRONG. Apparently New Yorkers have built up a tolerance I have not.


They say ‘find a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck.’ Especially if it is heads up. But what if it’s right at the base of a New York City toilet?


I just had a fantastic experience. I saw a play written by Gina, one of the mentors. It was starring Amy Brenneman. It was PHENOMENAL! I needed an after play cigarette. It was AWESOME!

I actually spoke to her and she signed my playbill! She did run off pretty quickly, however.

Lee Turgeson signed my playbill too! He was fantastic. He took three pictures with me. He kept saying they sucked and had another one taken. That was super cool!

I think, however, that I am going to turn on the TV and relax now. I am BEAT! It is past 1:30 in the morning and I have an early day again tomorrow.


I am at a little café at the airport, preparing to go home. By preparing, I mean that I am wishing I could stay a little longer. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids and am happy to see them but my time in New York was surreal. I saw a prostitute in a hotel bar and everything!

It looks, however, like I might get my wish. Not in the way I want to, however. Lightning is flashing across the sky and thunder is rumbling through the solid ground of Laguardia. My flight might be delayed. I meant that I wanted more time to explore the city. To sit in Times Square (which we passed by in the bus but I did not have a chance to explore.)

Careful what you wish for, it might come true, right?

The coffee is strong and it is bitter. So is my waitress. She is pretty enough, would be gorgeous in fact if she would just smile. A waitress that seems to be irritated to fulfill simple requests just is not appealing. But one of her co-workers just said something and she flashed a crooked smile and I was right. She is beautiful.

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