More Chocolate, Mumma?

Spencer is getting the hang of potty training. He is realizing when he has to go and for the most part is letting me know BEFORE he goes. Coincidentally, I just took advantage of a drug store sale where buying two packs of diapers saved me money and I figured (at the time) that I was going to be using them anyway so why not?

I am still using them at night, but we are working with underwear now as well. Which, Spencer has discovered, is much easier to pull up and down. So that is what he is doing.

The reward system we have set up for potty training is working well…too well…he has eaten a lot of chocolate in the last two days. lol. I am not complaining. He will be three in two months. I am glad he wants this. He is so proud of himself! And I am proud of him as well.

I feel like this post is dull, but with Spencer bouncing around the house and Disney Junior on at the moment, it has taken significant determination to even get this much done. He wants to play blocks, so over and out.

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