Two days ago, I called an informal meeting and gathered the guinea pigs…I mean the family. I presented them with an idea and after a couple rounds of eyeball rolling, they seemed to warm up to the idea.

My plan, I told them, was to come up with a set of resolutions that we would work on as a family.

“What are some things you have seen in the house and family that we can work on together>”

Once the kids started brainstorming, they didn’t want to stop. I wrote every suggestion down, no matter what opinions were expressed about it.

After we were finished brainstorming, we worked on the final copy. We voted, as a family, on which ones made the list (although the kids were still trying to add new ones.)

Those suggestions that didn’t really work for the family list were tabled for personal lists. For example, from the brainstorm list, Kayden added that we should all work on the Pledge of Allegiance and the Boy Scout Motto. He explained that this was so that he could learn them better. This, I told him, wold be a perfect goal for his personal list. His eyes lit up and I could see him plotting the other items on his own resolution list. Austin wanted us all to get fit, specifically by doing push ups. Uhhh….Chris and I exchanged glances. Yes, we all need to get in better health, but A) Momma‘s not a push up kind of person and B) that needs to be an individual goal.

When all was said and done and my darlings’ attention spans had reached the limits, we had come up with a list of ten items to focus on this year. Next week, we will be working on personal lists. Each person contributed and has at least one item on the list. I now present the 2013 Flock of Hawks’ Resolutions: (and my comments)

Dad- Work on keeping the house clean together. Take pride in our house. Keep it presentable.  (Not an easy goal, but one that can be done together)

Austin- Find ways to help people. Citizenship.  (this one makes me smile)

Spencer- Put ornaments on the Christmas tree. (He was REALLY excited and said this one repeatedly. Since Christmas will happen in 2013, it makes the list.)

Mom- Speak with kindness (Self- explanatory)

Dad- Paint the living room. (What? You are tired of looking at the three paint samples that have been on the walls since before your deployment? Who wouldn’t want to see orange, yellow and baby blue against a peach backdrop?)

-Austin says purple or neon green (gulp) Mom and Kayden say blue (relaxing. A nice pale, rich blue) and Dad says Light lavender. (I could deal with that)

Austin- Rewards at the beginning or end of every week for doing chores. (Wait for it…the following are his suggestions. I am so proud! I am not being sarcastic)

-Play a game ( A BOARD GAME) as a family, be dinner helper, choose a movie or Hawks Bucks (a rewards/points system)

Austin- Trust development (9 going on 30)

Mom- Find different ways of expressing ourselves (Mostly, I think temper tantrums need to go away)

Mom- Dance parties more often (We NEED more silly)

Kayden- Work on our money (I whittled this resolution out of a LONG monologue. I am thinking I can use Hawks Bucks to teach them financial responsibility. And point out that we don’t need to buy a new gadget just because it is a new gadget.)


Right before I sat down to work on this post, I transferred the list to a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. After I post this, I will find a great, eye catching place to hang it.

I am looking forward to reviewing these next year to see where we are and what our new goals are! For now, I will look back at how far we have come in the last six years that have brought us to the point where we can make such a thoughtful, heartfelt list.


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