Minecrack and Flies.

Kayden is home sick, again, today. He seems to be fever less, which is awesome! He also has a doctor’s appointment today. Chris is playing on his Facebook account and laughing a lot. Spencer, the Bionic Baby, is playing Minecraft (which I also call Minecrack as it is HIGHLY addictive) with Kayden. Spencer has a diaper, socks and his port access on at he moment. Not shirt, no pants.  The day is warm, but windy. It feels like spring, though I know that will be short lived.

Spencer has done really well with his port staying accessed this week, which is a great thing. It means fewer needle sticks for this session and I adore that. It isn’t that it hurts him. The Lidocane sees to the fact that he doesn’t feel it. It is just so traumatizing for him to see a needle coming at his chest. It is for me, too.

Kayden is full of snot. Literally. He keeps sniffling while he is talking and has to blow his nose every few minutes. I feel bad for my poor love bug. But he seems to have more energy. He is still cranky, but that is more of a Kayden thing than a sick thing. He just used my own words against me. When I asked him why he is ignoring both Spencer and I when we talk to him , his response was “People keep saying that if I don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything.” Touche.

I am tired, but the kind of tired that comes from oversleeping. It is kind of nice, since Monday I had to get Austin off to school, Tuesday was Chemo and Wednesday was my day for school drop off again. Today, I got to sleep. Tomorrow I get to do chemo again, after school drop off. Woo hoo! The action packed life of me. lol.

I have chores ahead of me today, so it is actually probably helpful that Kayden is home, as he can keep Spencer entertained while I am busy. Normally, Spencer tries to “help.” Dishes, laundry, bathing Kayden, dinner, cleaning in general, and hopefully some writing. I have been putting writing off in lieu of watching Battlestar Galactica. I have a new love. That is a fantastic show! I am in love with Netflix and its plethora of shows that I can watch at my own leisure. Instead of battling to try to watch shows when all the kids are up and trying to hear around them (which is impossible) I can watch them after they are in bed. I also get the chance to watch shows that have been off the air for years. And some hilarious B movies that I never would have even heard of.

I have started 2013 off with a wonderful addition to my already chaotic life. I am officially a member of the team at Nightscape Press. They are a rapidly expanding publisher of Horror works. This is a great experience for me on so many levels and I am blessed to have this opportunity. I have my friend, Peter N. Dudar to thank for this experience for a lot of reasons. I had never been big on horror Novels. Ever. The only reason I have even read Stephen King is because I saw the movie The Stand and the story was wonderful and I HAD to read the book. I have read Jaws in High School, on my own, and of course read Poe as required in school. The Stand was a ‘gateway’ book into an appreciation of Stephen King and I have enjoyed his work ever since. However, I still shied away from other horror books.

I remember, very clearly, my excitement when an acquaintance (who is now a dear friend) and I were talking, after we dropped our children off at preschool a couple (or more) years ago. I told her that I am a writer. She told me that her husband is a writer too. I felt like I had struck gold! There was another writer just blocks from me! Maybe we could share “my life as a writer” stories. Commiserate about rejection letters. I was super excited! All of these thoughts went through my head like a whirlwind. I had yet to even meet the man.

A time later, I still had not met her ‘phantom husband’ but I saw his work area. I was in love (with his office…not him…still had not met him, remember?) Grey walls, paper chains, bat covered gauzy curtains. My friend had painted the office and he had a dungeon that he could write out of. An above ground, sunny dungeon, but a dungeon just the same. Shelves were stacked with books and an impressive collection of horror movie figurines. Freaking awesome! And still, I wondered about the man himself.

Some time passed and I met Peter. We have done karaoke together, children’s birthdays, ViSalus parties, and more over the last couple years. And then came THE NEWS. Peter’s book was being published by a new company. Nightscape Press. I was stoked for him! I was stoked for the company. I was stoked in general. I friended the company and over time the owners. I have been reading all the horror anthologies Peter has been published in and am a proud owner of his novel, A Requiem for Dead Flies. I have read ALL the stories in the anthologies and am now a true fan of the genre of Horror. I have an interview that I conducted with Peter (that I am looking for a home for). I am just in general happy for all involved. And with out any of my prior knowledge of this, Peter put me in his acknowledgements. I only found out when I had a copy of the book in my hands (tricky, tricky 😉 I am truly blessed.

Then came MY news. Nightscape was looking for people to join their team. They are expanding rapidly. They needed a bigger staff. Within  ,probably,  minutes, I had applied for all three jobs they posted. This was perfect! I could work from home, or the clinic, or the hospital…anywhere. It is in the publishing industry. It is with a fantastic group of people that I have met online. It was PERFECT.

A month later, after the holidays had passed, I was told that I am in. I am pumped! I have a blast working with Nightscape and hope that this goes on for a long, long time.

This was a long winded way to say that because of Peter Dudar and his publication with Nightscape, I have found a great opportunity that I am excited about! So, thank you, Pete (and Amy, of course). And thank you, Nightscape.



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