Story A Week Challenge so far…

As you may or may not be aware, I have decided to undergo the challenge of writing one story every week for the whole year of 2014. Currently, the week that we are in the midst of is week 23. I am currently about to begin my story that I should have done on week 18. I am working on closing my five week gap. I have a notebook full of prompt ideas and periodically ask my facebook friends to supply me with numbers corresponding to the prompts in my book. (For example “Pick a number between 1 and 62” was for this week’s request.) I grab the numbers, in the order they come in, and assign them a week and then I get to work.

Below is the list of stories I have compiled, so far, on my journey in 2014. I am already very proud that I have stayed as focused as I have.

Week 1) Purple on Blue (Prompt from Tuesday Mayhem Society)

Week 2) Until the Sandman Sleeps (For a Submission Call)

Week 3) Everything in the Kitchen Sink (For a submission Call)

Week 4) Carlotta’s Wall (Scott Goudsward)

Week 5) Pizza Delivery (Working Title) (Prompt from Tuesday Mayhem Society)

Week 6) Christmas Magic (Suggested by Kimberly Coon)

Week 7) Rising Tide (Suggested by Melissa Favro)

Week 8) Embedded (Suggested by Tammy Humphries)

Week 9) Spare Change (suggested by Renee Nelson)

Week 10) Hell Bent (Suggested by Tiffany Prowant)

Week 11) Nostori (working title) (for a call for an anthology)

Week 12) Hope (suggestion unable to be located)

Week 13) Harold (From Tuesday Mayhem Society Prompt)

Week 14) Serial Juror (From Tuesday Mayhem Society prompt)

Week 15) The Nominee (Prompt Selected by Torrey Shannon

Week 16) Egan (Prompt selected by Kim Coon)

Week 17) Sea Foam (Working Title) (Prompt selected by Tonya Green)

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