Spotlight on Sexual Abuse: Commenting on Cosby, abridged version

Since my mf blog post just vanished, here is the reader's digest condensed version: You may not agree that Bill Cosby in guilty. Great, fine. Whatever. But publicly saying that an accuser is "too ugly" to have been raped is despicable.Saying she "wishes" he had raped her is unacceptable. Bashing someone that had the nerve … Continue reading Spotlight on Sexual Abuse: Commenting on Cosby, abridged version

Winter of Zombie Post List #WinterZombie2014




Here is the complete list and link to every post for the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014… updated daily!

Saturday November 1st



Sunday November 2nd

Jack Wallen interview

Jaime Johnesee guest post


Monday November 3rd

Mark Tufo teaser

Shawn Chesser interview


Tuesday November 4th

John O’Brien guest post

Jack Wallen Interview


Wednesday November 5th

Jay Wilburn teaser

Bobby Adair guest post


Thursday November 6th

Eric A. Shelman interview


Friday November 7th

Joe McKinney guest post

Jay Wilburn interview


Saturday November 8th

Jack Wallen teaser


Sunday November 9th

Jaime Johnesee interview

Shawn Chesser guest post


Monday November 10th

John O’Brien guest post

Jay Wilburn guest post


Tuesday November 11th

Armand Rosamilia interview

Eric A. Shelman interview


Wednesday November 12th

Mark Tufo short story part 1

Bobby Adair interview


Thursday November 13th

Mark Tufo short story part 2

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