Spotlight on Sexual Abuse: Commenting on Cosby, abridged version

Since my mf blog post just vanished, here is the reader’s digest condensed version:

You may not agree that Bill Cosby in guilty. Great, fine. Whatever. But publicly saying that an accuser is “too ugly” to have been raped is despicable.Saying she “wishes” he had raped her is unacceptable.

Bashing someone that had the nerve to actually say that they were a victim of a horrendous, mentally scarring ordeal, at the hands of someone they trusted is beyond words. Things will never get better this way.

If you want to support Cosby, you can say that you think he is innocent without slinging shit around to boot. Unless you know what it is like to say out loud “I have been raped” keep your damn mouth shut about the person saying it. Just because he is famous doesn’t mean he is honest.

We can NOT continue to treat victims as people that are liars right off the bat. It is not uncommon to wait years and years before admitting abuse. Even to ourselves. It is also not uncommon to be abused.

I’m not saying one way or another what I think about his guilt. I am saying that we can’t automatically assume an alleged victim is a liar. And we can not tolerate seeing others do it either.

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