Hello again!

It is that time again. It is November. It is Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) and I have been working on an Epic Fantasy called Whisperwood. The theory behind Nanowrimo, which I call “Ask Daddy, Mommy’s Working” month, is that if you write 1667 words every day, you will reach 50,000 words by the end of the month. It is day five and I am up to 8, 210 words so far. If you haven’t heard of it before and you are interested, www.nanowrimo.org has the info. You can track your progress, earn badges which are a fun incentive, and talk to others that are participating. And really, 1667 words is not a lot and won’t take long each day. And as you go, the site will tell you how many words to write each day to hit 50,000 and the projected end date that you will reach it. So that’s pretty cool.

The biggest benefit to me is that by the time that Nano comes around, I have usually petered out on my writing. Things come up: I get sick, kids get sick, hubby gets sick, summer vacation trips. A bazillion reasons not to write. And so Nano gets me back on track, to a good finish for the year. But in reality I should be writing every day and those excuses are just excuses.

I’ve participated a few times and never finished. As I may have mentioned on here before, I have a bit of a tricky relationship with technology. When I get stressed, things break. (My husband didn’t believe me either but after watching stuff go kaput around me for ten years, he is a believer.) So one nano, my computer just crapped out on me. Stopped. And I lost 10,000 words. I continued writing that year by hand, but I learned a lesson- BACK YOUR SHIT UP ALL THE TIME! Email it to yourself, dropbox, cloud…whatever. I was LITERALLY finishing up a word, thinking “I need to save and back up.” when the computer died.

Anyway, this isn’t going to be a super long post because I have some words to write on my novel. If you are already on the nano site or you sign up, I am april.hawks on there. You can add buddies.




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