Ignorance is bliss…just kidding you suck

People are scared for their basic human rights. They are afraid because the President Elect has expressed racist, bigoted,  and misogynistic views. He has said vile things about many, many demographics. And he was elected.

He has emboldened racists to come out and spray paint swastikas on churches, Heil Trump has been painted on walls, but there are people that are flat out ignoring it ,saying that it isn’t riots [so it is ok, apparently.]

Trump has appointed a white supremacist to his cabinet.  ‘Nuff said.

I have been called ignorant (two seconds after I posted a long comment with lots of facts and points so clearly she didn’t even read the damn thing but whatever) a loser, a dummy. These have been responses to well worded fact based comments. But apparently I am the problem. Cause thinking.

But in light of an argument with pesky facts, the names come out. Ignoring facts doesn’t make them (or me) go away. Changing the topic of conversation about things the president elect has said to “but Hillary…” is the wrong choice to make for several reasons. First, the conversation was not about her. It was about him. that is like holding out a shiny object that you think will distract me from the real point. And I can see that. Sometimes I will indulge the topic switch.

But, seriously! Names as an argument? That’s not exactly a well thought out response, just saying. Like I have no fucking idea what to do other than to keep presenting facts and examples. So that’s what I am going to do. I will combat the pretend it didn’t happen with proof that it did. And so I will keep exercising my First Amendment right. And I won’t be silenced by names or counter intelligence. Besides, the conversations amuse me because they all turn ridiculous at some point.


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