Why Do I Pen?

As part of a new look and a new blog setup, this week is about writing. My next six posts will cover various aspects of writing. One per day. So, on with it.

One can write anywhere, with the ease that technology provides at our fingertips. However, there is something that is so tactile about using a writing utensil and paper. There is a satisfaction I feel when I see a whole page of a story written in my own penmanship. Or a list. Or a post it. And I have a TON of pens and pencils that I can use for signing kids’ homework or writing grocery lists or whatever (And no, BFF, I am not going through my pens and pencils to throw some away any time soon. Just throwing that out there)

I am SUPER particular, however, about the type of pen I use. Not always, of course. Sometimes I have to grab what I can find. BUT, when given the choice, I pick a particular brand and type.


Pentel Energel pens make me giddy. The ink is smooth and the pen is comfortable in my grip. In the event that my post makes you desperately want to buy some, due to my superior sales abilities, you can buy some right here.

But why pick pens over pencils? To be honest, I am a hoarder. I know that. Some days I even acknowledge it. And because of that, I have kept many, many things that I have written over time. The ones that hold out the best are the ones written in ink, as opposed to pencil. The pencil rubs off the pages and fades over time whereas ink is less likely to, depending on the pen. Since I already know that I keep everything, that is important.

I will also say that I love the flow of the ink from these pens. The only time that I have issues with them is when they are going to run out of ink. Otherwise, they are crisp and clear.

My personal preference with these is to use black ink. When I have to switch pens, or if my kids have wandered off with one of them and I have to use a backup, it doesn’t look nearly as ugly as when you switch pens or brands with blue ink. Blue is sometimes bright, sometimes dark, and I hate the lack of cohesive feeling with blue ink. I don’t want that my pen changed to be glaringly obvious and I feel that black keeps that messy look to a minimum.


Now, when I am revising, that is a different story. Same pen type though. Purple. Purple is great for when I am going over my typed work. Black will blend in too easily, blue is…well, we already discussed blue. Purple is vibrant, more soothing than red for edits, and revisions and notes are the only things that I use my purple pens for. On purpose. Because I have issues. Also, purple is a color associated with creativity.

I prefer to use the needle tip, but that is just because it feels more elegant to me. Again, I have issues.

With these pens coming in so many tip thicknesses, most people could probably find one that they like. And the refills are easy to put in and out of the pens themselves and you can buy a box of just the inserts. In fact, you can buy them here.

So there it is. My choice of pen when writing and editing. Energel Pens. May you ink in bliss with the pen of your own choosing. Write on.

*This post is in no way associated with Pentel. The views expressed are my own and I have not been reimbursed for my opinion. Although, Pentel, I am not saying I am against being paid to write about your pens, in case you were interested. In fact, I am very much in favor of being paid for writing about your pens. Just for the record.

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