Winter of Zombie Post List #WinterZombie2014




Here is the complete list and link to every post for the Winter of Zombie Blog Tour 2014… updated daily!

Saturday November 1st



Sunday November 2nd

Jack Wallen interview

Jaime Johnesee guest post


Monday November 3rd

Mark Tufo teaser

Shawn Chesser interview


Tuesday November 4th

John O’Brien guest post

Jack Wallen Interview


Wednesday November 5th

Jay Wilburn teaser

Bobby Adair guest post


Thursday November 6th

Eric A. Shelman interview


Friday November 7th

Joe McKinney guest post

Jay Wilburn interview


Saturday November 8th

Jack Wallen teaser


Sunday November 9th

Jaime Johnesee interview

Shawn Chesser guest post


Monday November 10th

John O’Brien guest post

Jay Wilburn guest post


Tuesday November 11th

Armand Rosamilia interview

Eric A. Shelman interview


Wednesday November 12th

Mark Tufo short story part 1

Bobby Adair interview


Thursday November 13th

Mark Tufo short story part 2

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The Zombies are COMING!!!!

November is all about the zombies. You may not have known it, yet, but it is true. Armand Rosamilia has coordinated a Zombie Blog tour consisting of guest posts and interviews from some of the biggest and best in the field of Zombie lore. I'm not even going to lie...I am pumped that my blog … Continue reading The Zombies are COMING!!!!

Women in Horror (part two) — F**k the Naysayers and Make Good Art

Love the energy of this post!

Author, editor, caffeine-addict, wannabe ninja

So here we are, Women in Horror Recognition Month, 2014… and what a sad state of affairs it’s been. Over the last few weeks I’ve read a plethora of posts and blogs and forums both for and a reasoned post against WiHM; some made me applaud while others made me want to gouge my eyes out with a spoon.

In part one of my WiHM post, I mentioned my support of the month (and for those women who write/read/film/act in this amazing genre), and my despair for its need. Yep, I said ‘need’, and that makes me sad. To my knowledge, I’ve not been the subject of gender-bias within the industry, but I’d be a fool to say it doesn’t happen. All one has to do is read a couple of comment threads to know that it is real and it’s out there, clubbing its Neanderthal way through the…

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Using the vagina on my face (Women in Horror Month)

There are red lip pictures  all over Facebook. Want to know why? A week or so ago, the Horror authors I know were in a fizz. A man aligning himself with the genre felt qualified to speak out several times about his opinion that Women in Horror Month was counter productive. I watched the post … Continue reading Using the vagina on my face (Women in Horror Month)

The Facebook Post heard round the Horror World. Women In Horror

Below is the exact post from Scott Lefabvre on his PUBLIC facebook page.Bottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormBottom of FormTop of FormFebruary 12This one's going to sting a little folks... I like women. Both as humans and as sexual partners and either and neither and both. As long as they do the same amount … Continue reading The Facebook Post heard round the Horror World. Women In Horror

Woody Allen and a spotlight on shadows

Before I begin, I want to say that if you or someone you know has been or is being sexually assaulted or abused, please call the confidential crisis line at 1800656HOPE. this is a national crisis number. The website for the program, RAINN can be found by clicking here.* I will primarily be using the … Continue reading Woody Allen and a spotlight on shadows

Shine a Spotlight: Mark Allen Gunnells

Though much can and has been said about Facebook in a negative sense, (In fact, I have said much of it myself) Facebook truly does exactly what a social media site should. It allows wider networking. Because of the labyrinthine nature of the site, I have turned virtual corners and stumbled into some of the … Continue reading Shine a Spotlight: Mark Allen Gunnells