Cancerversary the Second

August 31, 2014 has come and gone. As some of you know, that date marked two years since our littlest boy was diagnosed with Cancer. If you don't know, he was diagnosed three days shy of his third birthday. Spencer spent his third birthday in the hospital, surrounded not only by other children that were … Continue reading Cancerversary the Second

Shine a Spotlight: Mark Allen Gunnells

Though much can and has been said about Facebook in a negative sense, (In fact, I have said much of it myself) Facebook truly does exactly what a social media site should. It allows wider networking. Because of the labyrinthine nature of the site, I have turned virtual corners and stumbled into some of the … Continue reading Shine a Spotlight: Mark Allen Gunnells

Ruminations on safety. (LONG)

I posted a picture on Facebook a few days ago and it sparked a conversation I have been thinking about since then. The picture showed a service member and said something to the effect of  'Armed military members would gladly patrol our schools' (I am writing this by hand at the moment, so I don't … Continue reading Ruminations on safety. (LONG)